Impact Bonds Working Group

Impact Bonds Working Group is a work group that uses impact bonds and similar devices to offer development agencies a powerful tool to manage capital and knowledge, and generate, develop and implement projects with social and environmental benefits for communities and society in general.


I was responsible for building a brand identity that would be applied afterwards in a number of graphic pieces.


Taking into consideration that the brand identity would be seen in different parts of the world, on different media and used by different teams, I chose black as a main color to ensure the correct settings in its use later and at the printing stage. To counterbalance the presence and connotations of black, I chose the orange hue as a secondary color to connect the identity with the social purpose, with the earth, with the human element. And it is precisely that human element that guided the isotype, where I used the letter i as in impact to create a half circle of people working as a group, allowing the typographic work to be implemented in different ways, as we see in the images below.


For the editorial pieces, I chose certain elements that, combined with the brand identity, would create the editorial language: the type of graphic elements, the decision to use lines, illustrations and the organized information, much needed to understand the documents by people from different cultures.

| Graphic and editorial design. 2018 |