Celia Mondéjar

To develop the photographer Celia Mondéjar’s identity I deployed essential shapes. Besides her name, easy to remember and with personality, we needed an isotype, a symbol to identify her and that was recognizable and applicable to all her work.


Mondejar’s personal work is delicate, subtle and very elegant. It puts you in a reflective mode. It carries you into a resting state, almost silent.


Working from those two parameters, I worked with the m of her surname leaning on the letters l and j present in her name. The resulting m is discreet, neutral and warm at once. Whether we put it in a box (that works as a frame/picture) or standing on its own, it keeps its expression. Developing all the graphic pieces I also managed to apply that identity in different ways: including color codes, projects titles or even numbers, not diluting it but adjusting it to different needs.

| Graphic and editorial design. 2017 |