Black Sorrow

In the preface of the catalogue that the photographer Virginia Rota sent me for her new exhibition at the Centro Andaluz de Instituciones Culturales, the poet Abraham Gragera writes about the insistence of her work on being human.


From insisting in diving in certain human emotions and her interest for listening to, rather than speaking, Virginia Rota decides to travel across Spain again photographing Mourning, Sorrow…cultural traces barely spoken of today. Anthropology? Art? Photography? All at once.


The result is her project Black Sorrow, a series of portraits of people mourning some of their loved ones, accompanied by audio files where we hear their voices, experiences and feelings.


With this emotional length behind it, we stripped down the catalogue of covers and wrapped it in white. Translucent tombstone, white veil: let it not hide, let it show, let through the voices of those who cry letting us see.

| Art direction, graphic and editorial design. 2017. |