Dolorosa is a creation by Luz Arcas, dancer, choreographer and director of the dance company La Phármaco, for El Salvador National Dance Company.


The work reflects on history and folklore as alive and dynamic elements that only exist in building our identity and partake on our daily lives. This global world seems to want to erase the historical wounds and cultural traits, maybe the only space where we can feel our voice as one and our pain as shared. Dolorosa gives back the bodies their need of taking roots, their ability to transform the present and their freedom to decide about themselves.


This time I wasn´t provided with photographic or visual material for the work I did for La Phármaco. The font and title had to be at the center. The only material that I was sent from El Salvador was a single photograph of one of the female dancers. From that single photograph I deconstructed composition and color to show this time, not a scene of the piece in the poster, but the emotional world behind it.


The second poster was made after the play premiered in El Salvador, having already had a photo session made and more material available facing more representations in Spain. The work for that poster was made in a cohesive manner with the previous work and the image selected refers to folklore.

| Graphic design. 2019 |