PoeMAS. POEsía para MÁS gente

PoeMAS is an R&D project focused on researching current popular music in Spanish, in Spain (starting 1975) and is focused on analyzing the songs‘ lyrics and their relationship with poetry from a literary perspective.


To build PoeMAS‘s identity, I first researched the defining and key concepts for the project: compilation, classification, research, analysis, promotion and relationship between poetry and lyrics. Based on this concepts and their translation into graphic material, the isotype was built.


For the typographical part, I treated the letters as musical notes, linking both languages in giving each letter its own value, enhancing the symbol, releasing it from the hierarchy. I also substituted the last syllable “mas“ (English: more, plus) of “poemas” (poems) with the + symbol to reinforce this treatment.


PoeMAS was financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.



| Art direction and graphic design. 2019 |