La petit madeleine

Tackling the design of a complete collection implies making decisions that will affect a series of books that can be different in style, topic or goal. My priority in this type of projects is to manage a balance between neutrality, allowing each book to have its own personality, and the presence and cohesion that a collection must have. When I was commissioned the design of the gastro memoir La Petit Madeleine by the Malaga publisher Col & Col, these were the needs I had to respond to.


The choice of format and font in the cover, the pagination, differentiating the author‘s memories from the recipes by font type, or the dotted line throughout the book were some of the key elements I worked with to have esthetic and narrative continuity to the collection.


A homemade life: stories and recipes from my kitchen table by Molly Wizenberg is the first of those gastro memoirs.


Cover photography by Martín de Arriba.

| Art direction, graphic and editorial design. 2019 |