Kaspar Hauser

May 26th, 1828 a weird boy appeared in a square in Nurnberg, he could barely stand. He was carrying an anonymous letter that gave contradicting facts about his origin and left his fate to be decided by anyone who would find him. This young man was Kaspar Hauser, and he became the symbol of what we nowadays call a feral child.


Kaspar Hauser, Europe’s orphan, is a contemporary dance piece by La Phármaco. Luz Arcas’ dance impersonates here his first encounter with the world after 17 years of shadow and silence: looking at the world with the eyes of who didn’t expect or need it.


This solo work has been widely performed over the years in countries as Japan or the United States. Taking into consideration different cultural codes made me develop two lines of work: on one hand, graphic pieces designed based on a charcoal drawing and, on the other hand, pieces designed based on the photographic material by Virginia Rota.


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