The most beautiful sons

The most beautiful sons is Luz Arcas‘s creation for Víctor Ullate‘s Ballet Company.


For this piece I wanted to work a non-photographic format, rescuing an old illustrated technique from which I developed the other editorial and graphic pieces, inspired in the following text about the play by Luz Arcas.


This work is born in the body of each interpret. Furthermore, it is each of their bodies. Every muscle, every bone, their looks and gestures have been treated as offerings.


Youth is still a miracle, a bastion of beauty and an excuse for sacrifice. It is tradition and history to offer the Gods the youngest bodies, the most innocent, their not-fulfilled wishes, their future yet to be written. Because there isn‘t bigger violence than seeing beauty burn or youth turning into ashes, there is no bigger withdrawal than getting rid of the future. The Gods feed off that which contains all our hope.


Currently, youth and beauty are maybe closer linked together than ever. There is nothing more powerful, more coveted and aspired to than youth. As if our Gods, invisible and countless, were hungrier than ever.


This work is an offering: the stage the bonfire, and each body a sacred animal.

| Graphic and editorial design. 2018. Photography: Virginia Rota |